Sunday, October 26, 2008

NateandIsaPalooza! Party #2

Nate and Isa's birthday are 2 days apart so we had all the families over for another birthday celebration. We had a ton of fun! We had all of Nate's family and our family AND we had 2 special guests, my cousin Michelle and her friend Cristil.
We took over the 3 Margaritas restaurant for some fine Mexican food. The didn't know what to do with us...our poor waiter Javier was excited that our Javier could speak Spanish to him. It was super cute.
The birthday kids!
Natedogg and Isa

After dinner we came back to the house for presents and to play some cards.
Isabel was about to get the surprise of her life. We made her put on a blind fold. Tee hee.
And here comes the surprise...wait for it....
Her very own Razor (which is like a smaller persons version of the Vespa...super cute). I think she liked it. :-)
Natedogg got lots of cool clothes, lots of Broncos gear and we got him the tint for the windows on our new Toyota.
Isn't he handsome with his new blue shirt?
Oh my - another fantastic submission to The Funny Face project!
Natedogg and our nephew Jason. Jason looks a bit aprehensive, doesn't he?
He's wondering why he didn't get any presents.

Javier is proud of all the hard work that went into putting the Razor together...notice who is in fact doing the work at the bottom of the picture! :-) Jason gets his turn to ride the Razor. That's kind of a scary look on his face. We may not want to let him ride motorcycles in real life. Ha Ha!
The puppies were feeling extremely left out. Louis begged Grandpa to let him ride the Razor. So he got the first ride. He's in heaven...such an adventerous puppy! Notice that Jada is now feeling very jealous.
So now it's her turn to have a ride with Grandpa!
Isa got her customized plates "IsaRks"
(that's Isa Rocks for those of you who have a hard time with customized plates, like say...Gudgi)
Just playin' Dad.
And finally...the birthday boy could not resist taking a ride on the Razor.
He look like he's ready for a road trip.
Ever the generous young lady, she gave everyone else a turn on her present and it was finally her turn to hop on. She could not wait for that thing to charge so she could take it outside.
Dad and my cousin Michelle. We were so excited to have her and her friend Cristil with us for the week-end.Dad, Michelle and Cristil
2 very pretty ladies - Isa and Shawnda
Everyone wants a picture with the Princess!
Michelle and Isa
The Princess and her Daddy
Me and the baby. I am so stinkin' blessed it's sick!
Nate's parents, Big Dogg and Sharon with Jason
Most of Nate's family - Nate, Big Dogg, Jason, Sharon and his sister Emily.
We really are so grateful that we live so close to our families...and that Michelle and Cristil came for a visit. We love you guys!

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