Monday, September 29, 2008

I haven't given up...

On my blog...I have become a foster parent! A dog foster parent! I got my first foster dog last week and boy has my life become EXTREMELY busy! I haven't had a chance to blog at all because my first foster dog is a 12 week old red heeler/beagle mix. He was abandoned and abused so the first few days were a big challenge. I named him Max and he sure has come a long way in a short 5 days. We still have a long way to go but seeing the progress in him has made me feel so good. So...anyway...I know I've been slacking on my gratefuls (and I have so much to be grateful for) and I haven't posted anything on all the stuff that has been going on lately...I'm hoping to get that done sometime this week! More details to come...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Isabel - I love you up to the sky...and HIGHER!

Sssshhhh...don't tell a soul - but I took a ditch day from work today and I'm going to go pick up Isabel from school early today for her birthday. She doesn't I hope she's surpised!
...more detail later!

Friday, September 5, 2008

My first Colorado State Fair - How RUDE is that?

So I've lived in Colorado for something like...well I'm embarrassed to say how long because then you will know that I am we'll just say a long time...and this year was the first year I have been to the Colorado State Fair. It was so cool...everyone should go at least once! Seriously. Jav, Nate, Isa, Isa's friend Carly and I got up extremely early for a Sunday morning and headed down to Pueblo. It took us 2 hours - I slept - even with 2 squirrely girls giggling THE WHOLE WAY DOWN!

Here is me and Nate - advertising our show "Latin Legends" - because we are Latin and we perform 5 nights a week. Thank you Jenni! :-) Carly, Isa and Javier - hating that Aunt Ange is making them take yet another picture.One of the many highlights of my day...I GOT TO MILK A COW! It was so cool...and...a little creepy. I felt bad for the poor cow having it's private parts handled all day long. I'm sure some of those little kids were not very gentle either.
I know it may come as a shocker to some of you that I like animals. But I was in animal lovin' heaven with all the babies that were all over the place. I was continually trying to take them home and Nate was continually crushing my dreams. What a kill joy - just kiddin' babe.

My new pet baby pigs; Freckly, Pinky and Martha.Um - is this not a sign? I felt it was. My bid was "mysteriously" removed.
And her name was MooMoo. And I loved her. She had a very velvety nose.
They made it very difficult for me to steal the baby kangaroos. All kinds of security. RUDE.
Carly and Isa were human hamsters.

This guys show was HILARIOUS! Him and his wife are monkey conservationists. They had a whole skit and this little guy made the entire show.
He's a serious actor. Seriously. He likes to steal hats and drink Snapple and burp.
This guy was the show ender and was truly majestic. It was incredible. Although he looks kind of angry, he really was a happy monkey and liked to open his mouth and show his teeth.
OMG - then we got to see the Tiger show. I could totally be a tiger trainer. They employed the same training techniques I used to train Cubie and Jada. I could totally do it. They would be my pet cats...I think I could get over my allergies.
On a more serious note - the people doing this show really love these cats and you could tell they are concerned for their future.
The picture below is the trainer leading the 3 female tigers in their trick to all sit up together on their chairs at the same time. The tiger that is NOT looking at the trainer is Nina. The trainer explained that Nina is a true diva and has the personality to prove it. She does not feel that she needs to be in sync with anyone else and sometimes just decides she's going to do something else...just to be different. She did this on several occasions when all the tigers were supposed to be walking around the arena in line and together and she just decides she gonna slow it down a little and step out of line and then get in front of the line and just cause trouble. It was so amazing to realize that these giant animals have heart and personalities just like our domestic friends.
Here the ladies are doin' their thang.

Another amazing sight. The big white tiger standing still while the other tiger jumps over him.

Givin' tiger hugs. Look at those paws! I just want to squeeze them! Rahr!This sandcastle was ridiculous. I can't even imagine how long it took to build it.
After all the animals - we finally got to the rides. Thank goodness - Isa and Carly were about to lose it. They loved the animals, but they wanted to ride some rides fer cryin' out loud.

The first ride we go on is the Haunted House. Upon getting into the little cart - Carly informs me that she is deathly afraid of haunted houses. I assured her that I would be sitting right behind her and nothing would happen to her.

BEFORE entering the Haunted House.

A little SCARED in the Haunted House. Carly screamed REALLY loud.

I loved this ride! You get whiplash but my stomach hurt more from laughing so hard!

Surprisingly none of us had a sunburn from the squelching hot heat and was seriously hot. It was a fantastic day and I think we need to start organizing a trip for next year...who's game? :-)