Sunday, October 26, 2008

Isa is 11 years old - Does anyone know how to make a kid stop growing? I need to know ASAP!

My little baby turned 11 years old on September 18th. I took a ditch day from work and went to her school to surpise her and take her out for her birthday. Turns out she was having Field Day AND she had made donut holes for her I kind of felt bad that I was taking her out of school. But we hung out for a bit at her school and I got to meet her teacher and see her new classroom and her pod mates. Then she was able to pass out her donut holes and we were on our way. We went to JumpStreet to do some jumping on the trampolines. It was soooo much fun but let me tell gives you quite a work out.

Here is the squirt getting ready to go in. She isn't excited at all...can you tell?!?! We went there in the middle of the day - so there were hardly any people in there. This little kid came and started playing with us. At first - he seemed harmless, like any 6 year old would...then he decided it would be HILARIOUS to start pegging me with those seemingly soft balls. It turns out, while lying helpless with no protection in sight, that getting pegged repeatedely with those balls actually kind of hurts. I know...I sound a bit like a wimp...but look at that smug look on his little devil face. And Isabel was not doing much to help me...unless you count falling over backwards laughin at help.

Here are the little monkeys climbing all over the trampolines on the wall.
You see now why I must make her stop growing. She is so beautiful and growing up waaaayyyy too fast!
This place is an entire warehouse full of trampolines both on the floor and the walls. It was so fun pretending like I was young again. I was actually able to do my front flips and walkovers...not so much on my back flips. I was scared I was going to land on my head and paralyze myself. The front flips alone were hilarious. I'm sure I looked ridiculous. Isabel on the other hand was amazing. She has so much energy!
Nice face!
Hour 2 of jumping. She's still jumping.
Don't you just want to squeeze all the cuteness out of her?
One of the main reasons I smile everyday. I thank God for bringing this blessing into my life.
Happy 11th Birthday baby girl. I love you soooo much!
I really like the birthday letters that Rhonda and Jen have been writing on birthdays, but I still need to upload some maybe I'll get around to that soon. In the mean-time read theirs. They are amazing!

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Jennifer said...

Good grief, she looks so much like you & Shawnda! Looks like you had fun being a kid for a day;) I think I would've fallen over from exhaustion after the 1st hour...if only we could bottle their energy and sell it!!!
Thanks for the compliment:) Speaking of kids, I think Jacob is tearing apart my kitchen...didn't you say you wanted to babysit for a month??? hahahaha