Sunday, August 10, 2008

Try #7 - I'll get this eventually

OK - perhaps I will try a smaller endeavor than I had originally planned.

After some encouragement from my cousin, I have been attempting to post my first entry for...oh...about 3 hours now...and in that time I have almost thrown my computer out the window, pulled all my hair out and I may have even thought about crying. RUDE - I work with computers and I can't figure this out?!?!? Are you kidding me? I very humbly called my cousin Jenn for assistance and I think I am just going to start small.

That fine looking specimen to the right is my man Natedogg. He is the reason I laugh every day. He puts up with me, which is no small feat and probably why he looks like that! ;-) Just kidding!

These are my beautiful girls! Isabel is my neice who is the bright spot in my life. I thank the Lord everyday that she is in my life! And the little girl next to her is my baby Jada Quinn. She loves to drive her brother crazy by herding him. He hates it.

Ice Cube (Cubie) is the sweetest soul I have ever encountered in a dog. He is such a lover and such a smart dog. He came to me on my 30th birthday and my life has not been the same since. He is my little sweet boy. He just loves to lick you and show you how much he loves you!

So thanks to my cousin Jenn - I am starting a blog, although I'm not sure I really have anything important to say but it will be a nice outlet for me.

Till next time...

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Jennifer said...

Woohooo! :) I think you might have a lot of blank space in your post b/c the comment link should be right underneath your post. All you'd have to do is click on "edit" and delete the blank space. You're doing good!! :)