Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2 Incredible Men and the Wallmans visit Denver!

My dad and my cousin Aaron are truly amazing men. This is the second year they have run the Georgetown 1/2 Marathon (oh ps...that is 13.1 miles) in just over 2 hours. Progress was made as Aaron only lost 1 toenail this year! :-)

I bet the Finish Line never looked so good!

Oh yeah! The old man still has it! Keepin' up with the young 'uns!

The exhaustion has set in. I think Dad's face says it all. Aaron is thinking "You actually want me to get up?"

I couldn't resist posting this picture because Anna's face is just too precious.

She looks a little mischevious!

Awwww! Grandpa and Isa - the apple of the old man's eye. It just makes my heart so happy when I see them together. Could they be any cuter?!?!? I may be biased.

We brought reinforcements! Aaron and Jenni's college friends Luke and Erin, who just happened to have just moved to Castle Rock recently, were sweet enought to drive all the way up to support Aaron. They arrived just in time to see Aaron finish. We all went and had a nice lunch together...but first...we got to witness a crazy truck fire that set the side of the highway on fire...and poor Luke and Erin got lost on the way to the restaurant. They finally made it and we grubbed on some seriously "fat-free" food.

The Wallman Family

My dad is amazing!

The rest of the support team! Natedogg, me and Isa.

When we arrived home - the runners took some seriously long naps.

We really enjoyed having Jenni, Aaron, Anna and Jacob at our house. Even if it was for such a short visit!
I have started a new photography project called "The Funny Face Project" and Anna and Jacob submitted their entries! You gotta love those mugs! :-)

Our nephew Jason is trying to decide if giving Anna a hug is going to get him bit by the bear. They were so stinkin' adorable together.
Jacob loved Cubie! Just like Anna did 2 years ago, Jacob decided that Cubie was his jungle gym. He crawled all over him and Cubie just laid there...he is so good with kids!

We can't wait for next year! Jacob will be playing pee-wee football by then! :-)

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Jennifer said...

Great post Ange!! I can't wait to get my CD:)
PS-tell Shawnda happy birthday for us!