Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Newest Member of the Family

I have to admit...I am so jealous but so excited. The Zapatas have a new baby. Her name is Vespa (get it...Harley Davidson and Vespa?) and she is ridiculously adorable. She is just a little baby and I have to say she looks just like Cubie did when he was a baby. I have been told under no uncertain terms that I am not allowed to look at any of the babies that are still left from the litter...whatever. We'll see how that goes! :-)
Harley is not so sure what to think about this. Shawnda said that he's a cranky old guy at the rough age of 5 and doesn't really like her so far. He'll get over it! :-)
Uh...I'm not sure you are supposed to pee there little girl. RUDE! Poor Harley and Louis...I hope they don't drink the water! Aaaaaahh the days of potty training. So much fun!
Louis is not pleased with this new addition either. He just wanted to play with her and she bit his nose. Little guy had to retire to his bed to think about it.
And the chewing...more puppy fun!
I'm sure I'll have plenty of funny stories to tell as she grows! :-)
Welcome to the family Vespa!

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