Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I love weddings...

Just got back from my cousin Deidra's wedding and visiting with family. I had a blast! The trip was jam packed with funny stories that could only happen to me...but's that's a whole other entry. :-)

I am a bit upset because my camera quit on me right after the wedding so I wasn't able to take any other pictures and there were so many cool things I should have been able to take pictures of...for instance...My cousin Rachel had possums in her back yard!!! I was so excited! I got soooo close! It was awesome! I got to visit the ocean and see some giant sea gulls and went hunting for sand dollars. Deidra's husband Randall found a baby sand dollar that was still alive. I learned that when they die, the feelers (which looks like moss) fall off and you are left with what we see in the stores or on the beach. Then you can set them in bleach and it will make them nice and white. Anyway...I had so much fun getting reaquainted with the whole family. Thanks Steve, Rach, Marissa and Billy for letting me stay with you. I loved spending time with you! Russ - uh - don't forget to start looking for airfare out here for Thanksgiving! :-) I'm going to harass you!

So I didn't get very many great pictures but I will post what I have.
Bryce and Russ seating Cheryl
Randall waiting for Deidra...
Bryce, Vicky and Owen are also waiting!

Still waiting...

Randall and Deidra

Lake Mathis before the storm blew in

Well helloooo Mrs. Martin3 pretty ladies and a two handsome devils!

(Uncle Dick, April, Marissa, Sara & Daniel)

The girls - so pretty!
More pretty ladies - I have to admit I'm not sure who the lady is on the end...I'm sorry

Aunt Cheryl, Mary Beth and Aunt Gayle My cuz Russ - such a cutie!
Russ, me and Mary Beth
Look at this handsome bunch!

Riss, Rachel, John, Billy, Melinda, Daryl and April

Look at MB with Lucy - a natural!

Watch out! Lucy is giving MB a grabaroo!

Russ and his mommy!

Uncle Dick, Owen, Aunt Cheryl, Randall, Deidra, Tanner, Vicky, Russ, Colin, Bryce and little Lucy

Randall, Deidra, the flower girl and ring bearer. I think they are Vicky's neice and nephew.

The storm is a comin'

Awwww how cute. Daniel and Sara

Daniel, Sarah and Uncle Harley

That's all for now...peace out homies.

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Anonymous said...

I think you got a lot of great pics, though I do relate. Same thing happened to me at my niece's wedding. But the setting for this wedding was amazing! Sandy