Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Going Back To Cali...To Cali...And Now I'm Back

Just got back from a fantastic mini-vaca to San Francisco and Santa Cruz, CA. It was fantastic for so many reasons...but one of the highlights was being able to spend an evening with my old friend Lindy from highschool who I haven't seen in...wait for it...cuz I know it's unbelievable as I look like I'm still 18 (just let me believe it people)...16 YEARS! What was so great is that it felt like no time had passed. We had a blast!
The trip began at a very early 3:30am - and boredom quickly sat in as I was waiting for my 6am flight. Lots of people were cranky - but a ray of sunshine named Chris Orr- brightened the morning. I have never known an airline employee (especially a United employee...sorry no offense to anyone who might love that airline) to be so positive and fun...especially that early in the morning. I wish that my brain had been awake enough to have taken her picture. Her smile was contagious! Anyway...she brought everyone to laughter as she told jokes over the intercom and encouraged people to befriend someone new rather than sit by theirself because our flight was not even close to being full. We took off on time and I arrived in San Fran looking forward to the baggage did not arrive. SHOCKER! Those of you who know me are familiar with the numerous...and when I say numerous I mean 80% of my travel...stories that start with, "My damn baggage went missing again." RUDE! So...I decided to get checked in to my hotel rather than sit and stress about it. Holy cow - I thought this hotel was going to be a bargain hotel, but it was beautiful. If you ever find yourself in this beautiful city I would highly recomment the Hotel Whitcomb on 9th & Market. It's a historical landmark and the architecture inside is amazing. The staff were extraordinary.
As I was getting settled in, I decided to take a peek out of my window and saw this beautiful structure which turned out to be City Hall. Yikes - it's prettier than our capital. I was also greeted with some incredible Middle Eastern sounding music and lot of chanting. I couldn't quite make out what they were saying until a few minutes later when I hear someone get on a very loud mic and shout out, "Pakeeeeessstttaaaaahhhhhhnnnn!" and then proceeded to emit some type of Pakistani yodeling. It was crazy. That was all I needed to hear. I steered myself directly to the area (if you look at the picture of City Hall and notice there are some white tents in the lower right corner) to see what was goin' on. Oh Lord - there were tents full of food that smelled so good and tents full of arts and crafts and there was some amazing dancing going on and the crazy yodeler went on for close to 45 minutes. Then there were more speeches and more beautiful singing. I wish I had a clue what they were saying and singing about. It certainly did not prohibit me from eating or dancing. I got a lot of weird stares but they warmed up to me and I got to dance with 2 guys who looked like they were 105 years old. I tried to take their picture but was asked to refrain because it was considered rude. Oops...sorry. Really the more fascinating picture would of been of me, the crazy white girl, trying to do the Pakistani jig! :-) The people were kind though and didn't laugh too hard.
Lindy and I met for drinks at a swanky little lounge and had an amazing Mango Martini. Then on to dinner at an amazing Peruvian restaurant in the Hayes Valley neighborhood. Recommendation: Try the Beef yummy! We ended up at a bar that full of very interesting people...and animals. People actually brought their dogs to the bar. Anway...there was some awesome art there and I was taking pictures and everyone wanted to be in here is Lindy and some random dude posing with Natalie Portman.
After that fun time - Lindy and I came back to my hotel room and decided to practice some yoga together. Lindy is far more advanced than I - but I gave it my best. Standing on your head is not too hard! :-)
Look how good Lindy is! I looked pretty silly trying that one.
She is checking for any injuries I may have sustained in attempting that last pose.
Then it was on to Santa Cruz and hanging out on the beach. It was gorgeous! I love the fog and right off the boardwalk you can see a lighthouse in the distance. So I read on the beach and rode some rides on the boardwalk.

Well, I'm back home to reality now. Unfortunately I could not bring the beach home with me.

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